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New AEP process under Department Order 221-A

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AEPThe shoe is on the other foot. Since some days ago the Department of Labor & Employment is merged to modified construction belonging to Commonwealth Act No.108 (The Anti-Dummy Law) and Department Order No 186/2017 and updated Department Order No 221-A / 2022 (DOLE).

More Transparency and Security for Investors

The past has shown us, that some Companies and Agent's have avoided the OLD DOLE System. With this Department Order 221-A, all Possibilities of fraud have now been ruled out.

The New Order underpins explicitly that accredited Agent, accredited Supplemental Authority to Transact Agent and accredited Employer's Authorized Representative can process your Alien Employment Permit (AEP) to all Foreigner Nationals who intend to engage in gainful Employment in the Philippines.

Our Employees have been trained by DOLE including Certificate of Attendance regarding Operation on Department Order 221 & 221-A.

For all Business Process Outsourcing Companies (BPO) we offer special Service Agreement - Our best-value have no Competition.

Our complete package in Terms of schedule of Prices and Services will convince you.

The FAC Team is accredited in the following Provinces

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