Jinggoy Estrada Arrested After Trying to Smuggle Money Inside His Breasts to US

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Sen Jinggoy Estrada - rappler.comMANILA, Philippines – Hours after Filipinos fell for a satirical piece on Jinggoy Estrada's "arrest," the senator on Monday, November 4, felt the need to clarify the “incredible” story. “My staff just called me at 5:00 am to inform me that there is an article circulating in Facebook that I have been arrested in the US for bringing in huge amount of US$. That is absolutely NOT TRUE,” Estrada said in a text message from the US late Monday night.

He added: “I've been seen by a number of Filipinos, and [they] were happy to see me and even took pics of me. That story is incredible to say the least.” “So, What's News?” – a satirical website – published a story on Monday about Estrada's "arrest." “Officials inside San Francisco International Airport detained and arrested Senator Jinggoy Estrada, after the lawmaker tried to get past customs while in possession of huge amounts of money,” the website said. The article said Estrada “tried to smuggle money inside his breasts.” 'Is this true?' In reality, Estrada left for the US on Saturday, November 2, to seek a second opinion regarding his wife Precy's medical condition. The trip, according to him, had been scheduled a long time ago – even before the Department of Justice requested the Department of Foreign Affairs to cancel his passport. He promised to be back before the Senate resumes session on Monday, November 18. (READ: Napoles won't say anything – Jinggoy) Despite these facts – and the nature of "So, What's News?" – readers on Monday believed the piece on Estrada's "arrest." Username "anonymous" said, “Totoo kaya itong news na ito?” (Is this piece of news true?) “Can be darling, this news is very confusing,” username 19love said. “I wonder if this is true cause if it is he will be crown (sic) as the most IDIOT man on earth...” Username juan added, referring to the senator: “Now we can confirm your stupidity!”